Browser Technologies

One of the best principles of the web is that it is for everybody. Everyone with a browser should be able to use the web, but the web is messy. Developers are lazy, and do not optimize for everyone. During this course, you will learn how to create websites that are accessible for (almost) everyone.

  • Krijn Hoetmer

    Freelance web developer

Learning goals

  • The student can explain progressive enhancement , and apply this
  • The student can explain feature detection and can apply this
  • The student is able to do research on older browsers and older devices, and can make decisions based on the results of the research

More about this course

The web is a messy place, but during this course you will learn how to create web apps that are accessible for almost everybody. Doing research about techniques and fallback is a huge part in this course. We have a ‘Device Lab’ where we collected several outdated and less outdated devices where you are able to test your web app. You will be evaluated on: accessibility, functionality, progressive enhancement and feature detection. When the course is done, you are able to create accessible web apps.

Weekly program

Week 1

Briefing project, discussing the project and working on project

Week 2

Discussing feature detection and accessibility, continue on project and testing your web app

Week 3

Individual coaching and review of your web app and finishing the project

Browser Technologies students work


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Description of the project/image


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Description of the project/image


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Description of the project/image


To Github repo
Description of the project/image

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