CSS To The Rescue

During this course, we will work with CSS. We are going to create pleasurable responsive solutions for complex interfaces. It is also very important to know a few basic principles of CSS. Not only on practical level, but experimental level as well.

  • Vasilis van Gemert


Learning goals

  • The student is able to create a good working responsive solution for a complex interface
  • The student can create a pleasurable interface for different user needs
  • The student understands a few basic principles of CSS and can apply them
  • The student can design a web page with attention to details according to the principles of progressive enhancement

More about this course

In 3 weeks, we will expand our knowledge of CSS. We are going to look for the boundaries of the style language. You will get a few components, and it is your job to create a good looking, responsive website that is easy to use. The website should be usable with the tab key. Within this website, you will apply a few predefined techniques. Not many websites are ‘pleasurable’ to use. You will be evaluated on: process, product and presentation. At the end of the course, you are able to determine how to create a pleasurable website.

Weekly program

Week 1

Introduction and explanation of the course, discuss Emotional Interface Design, work on final project and evaluate your progress

Week 2

Short explanation exercise, looking back at last week, working on project and evaluating the progress

Week 3

Finetune the structure and flow of your app

CSS To The Rescue students work


To Github repo
Description of the project/image


To Github repo
Description of the project/image


To Github repo
Description of the project/image


To Github repo
Description of the project/image

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