Real Time Web

Making a web app is fun and all, but the real fun starts when you create a connection between the server and (multiple) users. During this course, we will use websockets to establish this connection. We will receive data from an API, and use this to display the right content to the right user.

  • Vasilis van Gemert


Learning goals

  • Student is able to build a (Node) webapp with a back-end that uses templating, routing and a remote database.
  • Student can deliver a live application where the interaction influences the content of the application by manipulating the database.
  • Student can translate live data to a reactive view (datavisualisation is allowed) that is useful for the end user.

More about this course

During this course you'll learn to use to establish a connection between the browser and the server. You'll combine your knowledge from other courses and your newly aqquired skills from this course to create a progressive web app that retrieves live data from an API, and display the data to the user.

Weekly program

Week 1

Set up your very own development environment and build/deploy a basic app

Week 2

Learn about client-server communication and connect with a real-time data source

Week 3

Finishing the project

Real Time Web students work


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To Github repo
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